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I’m frustrated

Is there at least a discount for buying a seperate license so one can load nero onto their laptop too?

I have Nero Platinum 2015. Nero Customer service has been non responsive to my questions on additional licenses so far which is really frustrating. I was shocked when I saw that the license doesn't have a provision for loading onto another computer for the licensee's own use. I just want to load the damn thing on my laptop so I can use it when I'm away from home. I don't see why anyone should pay full price for another copy for their own use. Is that the only option? I do my best to respect software licenses but inflexible licenses and non responsive support will effect my future buying decisions for myself and for my company. I hope someone with the company will see this and assist with a positive and helpful answer.
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  • Hi Eric-

    You can load it on another computer but you will only be able to activate the patents on the first computer.

    There are multi-user licenses. If you just bought it and want a multi-user license, maybe they'll refund your license and let you buy the multi-user license.

    It generally takes 3-5 business days to get a response so, if you've just e-mailed them, you won't get an answer until next week sometime.
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