I’m unsure

Is There Undocumented Blu-Ray Player Requirement?

Is there a requirement to install mediahome or something else
before blu-ray player will work?
I have Nero 2015 Platinum and tried installing just burning rom
and update, the first two options in installation settings list and
not mediahome or anything else.
Blu-ray player was installed and in program folder
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero Blu-ray Player\Blu-rayPlayer.exe)
but when I try opening nothing happens.
If I do full install it works, so what gives?
I only want burning rom, blu-ray player, and control center installed.
I could try reinstalling one additional item at a time, express then
mediahome and so on, but hoping someone has already solved this.
In another post concerning Blu-ray Player Error it was mentioned fix
might be in upcoming MediaHome update and that is where I got idea
mediahome and blurayplayer maybe linked.
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