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Is there a form of Nero that supplies templates for Light Scribe

I want to be able to import pictures to Light Scribe and have templates of varius designs for Light Scribe label burning. Which Nero can provide this?
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  • LightScribe discs or labels are typically created in Nero CoverDesigner (NCD). NCD is available with every version of Nero. However, NCD doesn't provide sample templates that you can use. You can do things like add pictures or other objects, text, color, etc. in the template that it provides. In addition, if you want to reuse a template for multiple projects, you can create a custom template.

    You can download a free copy of NCD 2014 at, downloads, Nero Free applications. However, it will not burn LightScribe. You would need to buy Nero 2014 standard or Platinum to get the burn capabilities.
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