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Is there a place to report typos and / or misprints should one happen upon such a thing?

Each time I find a misspelled word while reading information on the Web; I'm left wondering how many others have noticed this misprint, as well. Next, I wonder if the page builder knows of these mistakes: yet chooses to do nothing about the literals.

Yours truly,, a.k.a., Bill Drury
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  • Bill- please delete your e-mail address from your post. As you know, a lot of people scan forums and other places such as Facebook for such things and then start sending out e-mails that are virus or malware loaded.

    This is a Nero forum so I don't know how to address your question. With all the typo's which are made by me and many other people, it would be impossible for anyone at Nero or the website to find and correct all of them. Ditto for anywhere else you go on the internet.
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