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is there any way to find and remove duplicate music files in nero kwik media?

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  • First, if you're using Kwik Media, your version is out of date because Kwik media was replaced by Nero MediaHome 3 months ago. Go to the Nero ControlCenter and run the check for updates.

    That question has been asked before. I didn't look for the thread. However, there's no way to search for duplicate media and to automatically delete duplicates. There's very few applications that can do that. If you find a duplicate in Nero MediaHome, you can right click on it and select Remove. If you're finding duplicates, in all likelihood you're letting Nero MediaHome automatically find media. The best way to avoid that is to manually add the folders that contain media to the Nero MediaHome Library. Then, when you open Photos and Videos or Music, and click on Find, only the Folder you want is shown.
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