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Lack of verification code

Purchased Nero platinum 2019 from retailer, it checks on installation whether for offline computer, when trying to use the modules it asks to connect to check if latest version and to provide verification/activation code. Because computer is offline I access Nero site via mobile, the form to get the verification code (presumably) won't accept my email, despite giving serial number, which surely should suffice. No email was given to buy the product as it was retail-out of a box. Nero site constantly redirects to exterior support service, which assumes the software was bought online through them. In the interim it's back to Nero 7 or Nero 9 for me. Why do these people keep reducing our security or anonymity? It's not their business to associate such utility software with persona of purchaser, let alone force putting such info online, surely. I've paid but am denied use. Any solutions?
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