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I’m frustrated and disappointed

Latest NeroMediaHome cannot play blu-ray, but competition software can

Perhaps I need a refund. I have Nero 11, and went to play a Blu-Ray movie. Nero said that I need to purchase the latest NeroMediaHome. So, I did, believing that this would allow me to play the blu-ray. I was wrong. I spent my money, and still cannot play the blu-ray. Nero wants me to buy the Ultimate, now. No way. Your competition plays the blu-ray with my hardware, no problem. I am testing that with their trial software. There is no issue with my hardware. Nero just does not want to play blu-ray in NeroMediaHome.

So, either you help me with some tech support (without me spending more money), or, you give me a refund. It is that simple.
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  • Hi Tomas-

    In your case, you need to have v11 Platinum to use the blu-ray player.

    In addition, I think you were mislead. The plug-in which allows one to use the Nero Blu-ray Player is no longer in the purchased version of Nero Media Home. As a result, I think you should send an e-mail to to get a refund.

    Since v11 Platinum is no longer available for purchase at Nero, you would need to buy v2015 Platinum. You can get it at Amazon for $50. A couple of weeks ago, Nero was also offering it at tha same price but I don't see that offer tonight.
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