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lightscribe .LSI image file creation/Save in Nero?

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  • February 07, 2015 23:30
    Change in reply by shandyshore to Hi Wither1, thanks for your continued interest in my issue (actually I'm doing this for a friend who does audio duplication support work for a local charity); <br><br> Re: Which software are you referring to? <br> The software I'm referring to is LightScribe Template Labeler V3.5 (as supplied via our duplicators manufacturer, StoreDigital). Windows Pro 8.1 recognises the existance and model of the writer drive (I've tried both a SATA drive and an older IDE LightScribe drive), but when I try to install " LightScribe Template Labeler V3.5" it does not acknowledged or detect the existence of a compatible LightScribe drive. <br><br> Re: If you have a PC (to me, but not necessarily to others, that means a desktop ), you should attach the drive via a SATA port on the motherboard. <br> Reply: The PC we have is an all-in-one system, these type of systems do not have conventional drive bays, and to temporarily connect a drive directly to a SATA port means getting extended SATA cables to reach beyond the system case for a temporary external connection (I've ordered such a cable); However I'm advised by a LightScribe specialist that when it comes to Win 8.1Pro it has problems getting the LightScribe System Software to work with the Pro version. <br> Jim..

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