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Limits to the number of menu transition effects?

My project contains a 30 minute main movie, a 3 minute trailer, 3 "articles" comprising of 12, 8, and 17 screens (log labels them as "Browsable Slide Show"). All the pages of these articles have 3 buttons each (forward, back, return to menu). All the buttons have transition effects.

Burning a DVD (to a hard drive folder) works great. Problems occur when I switch to bluray and change recording format quality to anything higher than HDTV Basic, that is when Nero Video randomly crashes near the end of the burn when it attempts to transcode the last batch of screens. Logs have no consistency (error 3, SID ownership, graph error,...) or the program freezes.

I have removed the transition effects from the buttons of the last 17 screens (I probably did not have to remove that many) and it seems to have solved the problem.

I7, 32GB, ATI R7 200, plenty of room on hard drives
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