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I’m frustrated.

Making DVD Menus in Nero Video 2017

I just purchased Nero Platinum 2017. I want to make a DVD with a Menu Screen and scene selection. I already made the movie in Windows Movie Maker because it is an older file that now I want to just put in Nero and add the menus and finish the project.

I see where to add chapter markers but the only place I see to add a menu you is under the Finalize Disc under Tools but then it says "Media Not Supported." What am I doing wrong? Does the file have to be a specific kind of file? Like AVI? It is currently a MP4 file. Do I need to make the menus in a different program?

I've tried googling the answer but not figuring it out because it seems like all the answers are for different versions.

I am trying to make dvds for friends of our camp last summer, they are expecting these and would like to get them out in the mail soon to them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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