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Manuals and Bootable CD/DVD


I have Nero 2015 Platinum. Win 10. 16GB RAM. 3.8Ghz. There are 3 issues I need to ask about:

1. I am trying to figure out how to make a bootable CD/DVD. I went to the tutorial on Youtube but the person who did it went so fast I could not keep up with or remember what to do.

2. I tried to find a manual to help me but all I can find are separate downloads for each section of Nero 2015 Platinum. I'm not sure which manual will help. Is there one manual I can download to use to search for what I need? If not, how can I find out which manual to use whenever I need to?

3. When I tried to download the manual for "Nero BackItUp" I kept getting a "404 Not Found" error message. Also, when I tried to download "How to use Nero Manual Apps with Nero Suite" I kept getting a blank page.

I need help.


P.S. I am logged in and just noticed that there was no checkbox for me to be notified by email when/if someone answers my questions. If is there is one, where is it? If there isn't--there should be.
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