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MediaHome fails to recognize LG Bluray device

MediaHome 1.36.3900 refuses to recognize LG WH14NS40 as a Blueray device. DVDs will play. Latest LG firmware installed.

What other information will required to make this program work?
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  • Hi Ken,
    Mediahome does not play Blu-ray disks, but it will play .m2ts files if you drag and drop one off a hard drive onto it ...

    (Depending on your version of Mediahome) - I have Nero Platinum, so I think some plug-ins are included.

    This sounds weird, and is weird really ...

    So, since Nero has dropped Blu-ray players as of Nero 2016, (and their Blu-ray player software had numerous problems anyway) ...

    People are suggesting to install the free Leawo Player instead:
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