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Merging Projects

We need the ability to merge multiple projects. When making, say, a 1 hour holiday movie, I like to work on sub-projects for each day of the holiday. Being small, they are quicker and easier to manage and have a smaller clutter of files to work with.
At the end, I want to merge these all in to one big project AND then do some final tweaking such as adding extra transitions, adding fill-in images and further audio (which may require some adjustment of synchronisation).

Being able to IMPORT NVC file(s) into a 'master' project seems to be a relatively trivial task to do
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  • Thank you, Laurie, for this excellenr suggestion, which I was going to submit myself (except that I am currently involved in another "conversation" and wanted to avoid confusion!).
    Well, certainly this would be a nice feature, including the possibility of having more than one project open at a time, allowing to "toggle" between them in parallel... and as you say, build up a project in smaller, more manageable sections...
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