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missing box

i have lost the box to install cd to nero 16 platinum that has serial number and cannot install on new labtop. i installed it on old labtop but it run 8 and my new runs 10. anyway to get number from nero or of cd or can i copy from old. please help
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  • Hi VP,
    If you fill in the Customer Service web form, asking if Nero can provide your serial number, they might be able to locate it in their database using your email address as a search key.

    Customer Service:

    As for the software installer ...

    Once you have your serial number, and enter it into the trial version, it will become fully functional.

    The installer can be found here:

    NEW! Nero 2016 Platinum
    Top-Quality HD Multimedia Software! Established quality - now even better!

    Version Details (Nero2016-14.03.2016_stub_trial.exe)
    Release Date: Mon Mar 14 2016
    File Size: 2.91MB (3049784B)
    MD5 Checksum: deeaa0ff49d78bcb02f0800ca6e464ef

    NEW! Creative Content
    Creative content and templates for Nero 2016 Platinum & Classic and Nero Video 2016

    Version Details (Nero2016_ContentPack-17.0.00200.exe)
    Version: 17.0.00200
    Release Date: Mon Sep 21 2015
    File Size: 766.84MB (804086600B)
    MD5 Checksum: 91c1b9c10e6831c4ec3cbc1a0e432a90
    • p.s.

      If it is still installed on the old laptop, you can look in Nero ControlCenter / Serial numbers.

      It will be in there. (39 characters long including the hyphens)

      You can right-click on the number and copy it for pasting into a Notepad text document if you like ... for transfer via a USB stick?

      If re-installing on the new computer, you will need to uninstall from the old one afterwards because you can only have one active copy running (patents issue).

      Also, you might receive a pop-up about why you are re-installing?

      Choose "permanent transfer" ...
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