my computer don't read the nero's(multimedia suit 10)installation cd

my computer(HP PAVVILLION) got a new processor....and the hard disk memory is read corretly the usual dvd and and video....the next time i had no problem to install nero...please,can,somewone,help me?
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  • Hello IIaria-

    I don't understand the problem with your system but it's no matter.

    Rather than use the CD, I recommend that you go to, downloads, previous product downloads. Click on the Nero 10 suite update (not Platinum). Near the bottom of the page, enter your e-mail address and download the installation file.

    Install Nero. It should find your serial number automatically unless the registry was replaced. If it doesn't find it, insert your serial number. After the installation, run the check for updates from the Nero ControlCenter and install any that appear.

    Go back to the same place you made the download from and download/install the Creative Pack.

    Does that work?
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