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My home video burned in new Nero 2017 - Burning Room Not recognized by Blu-Ray Player

I want to Create blu ray home video .MOV (I'm the author of the video) and I want to watch this video in my Living Room on the big TV.
My video is 10 min long and I was using Adobe Premiere Pro to create this video.
I have LG blu ray disc burner and Verbatim BD-R 25gb blank blu ray discs.
In Nero 2017 I'm clicking on Nero Burning Room - Create Blu-Ray and I'm adding my home video (I payed and downloaded full version from B&H).
After all process is done my LG blu ray disc burner is open. I'm taking this freshly created blu ray disc to my living room and my Panasonic Blu-Ray player do not seeing this disc (I'm not able to Play this disc on my Blu-Ray player). Do I need Nero Video to convert my home video (.MOV) to different file?
I do not know where is the problem. Please Help and thank you.
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  • I don't know where you select Create Blu-ray in Burning Rom. When you open it, you would select Blu-ray and then one of the options. However, you can't create a disc in Burning Rom which will automatically play in a standalone player using just the video file. All you will get is a data disc. The video file has to be authored to the Blu-ray video structure in Nero Video.

    Assuming that you don't want to do any editing, open Nero Video and select Blu-ray Disc. Import your video. Click on Next. if desired, you can use the default menu, edit the default menu or choose not to use a menu. Click on Next. You can preview your project. Click on Next and Burn.

    Does that work for you?
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