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Nero 10 - Copying and Editing - Windows 7

I have Nero Multimedia Suite 10 on my computer. I want to burn a DVD (have permission to do so) but then I want to edit it and take off the last hour. Afterwards
I want to copy the edited version to other discs. Please explain the procedure. Thank you very much. I am using Windows 7.
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  • Hy Tyler-

    I assume you're using Nero Vision.

    Trying to figure out the most simple way for you to do that.

    Recreate your project in Make Movie or Slideshow, Advanced Editing.

    Right click on the grey area of the time scale for the timeline and select Enable Workspace. A white area with two arrows will appear in the time scale. Move the arrows as desired to encompass the last hour. Then select either Export, Export to File to get a video file or select Save or Save As to save it as a project.

    Move the red positioning line over the part you exported or saved. Right click on the white area in the time scale and click on Enable Workspace to deactivate it.

    You can then burn the entire project to disc.

    Close out Nero Vision; reopen it and, using Import File in file in Make DVD, DVD-Video for the video file or Open Saved Project................ for the project file (.nvc). You can then burn it. After the burn is complete, it should ask you what you want to do next. Just opt to burn it again.

    There are other ways to do some of this but this looks to be the most simple.
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