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I’m frustrated

Nero 10 flies but Nero 2014 is slow as a snail converting mpeg2 to mp4

I have both Nero 10 and Nero 2014. My Nero 2014 is on a AMD 6 core 3 GHZ system with 8 GB RAM and SATA 3 drives running Windows 7 Pro. My Nero 10 is installed on a laptop running Windows 7 Home with 4 GB RAM and an Intel i5 processor.

A 1 hour mpeg2 file takes nearly 4 hours to convert on my AMD system (with no other programs running) the same file takes half an hour to convert on my laptop. Converting to mp4 @ 1250 kb/s 2 Pass. Why so long?

Even saving an mpeg2 file after editing on the AMD takes forever but is done in minutes on the laptop.

So my impression is that Nero 2014 is not as good as Nero 10.
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