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I’m frustrated

Nero 10 Registration Page popup

I currently use Nero 10 (a CDROM manufacturer provided copy) for my CD/DVD burning needs on both a W7 Pro (64bit) and WXP Pro (32 bit) PC and laptop. I have been trying to find a solution among these forums (I have not found the right forum topic [old and new] that specifically addresses my issue to remove the registration page) that pops up every time I start a Nero application (Nero Express, Nero Smart Start, Nero Media Hub, etc) I have tried using the suggestions of renaming the OnlineServices folder as well as associated .dll files under C:\ProgramFiles and ProgramFiles (x86)\Nero 10 within the subdirectories of these two locations without success. It seems that when I rename the folder (OnlineServices1, for example) or files (NOSUsageStatistics1.dll, for example), I receive an error 1706 causing the program not to start. Then, when I rename the file to its original name, the program runs as normal. I am sure there is a registry key that can be turned off, but I am not sure where it is and what value I should use. Is there a simple fix to stopping the registration page from always popping up? Thanks in advance.
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