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Nero 12 Essentials 12 Install Fail in Windows 7

When trying to install Nero Essentials 12 OEM (Trial - doesn't expire) on a system with Windows 7, popup runs test to see if Win 7 is OS, and fails when it doesn't recognize it. I'm running full legal Win 7 on AMD CPU. Same setup works and installs OK on Win 7 OS with IBM CPU? All other factors identical (anti-virus, etc.)
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  • I would go to, downloads, previous products downloads, Nero version 12 downloads and download the Classic installation file. Then, right click on the installation file and select "run as administrator." You will still have an Essentials version but it will be up to date and should run in Win 7.

    I should note that you can normally install a version of Nero on one computer when using the same serial number. So that can be an issue in your case. If you want to run it on the second computer, then first uninstall it from the computer with the IBM CPU using Control Panel, Programs and Features.

    Does that help?
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