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Nero 12: Nero LIVEBackup will not allow the Off/On slide switch to stay in the On position. Am I doing something wrong?

Having configured the backup for an appropriate destination of largely empty 4TB drive from a combination of SSD with system files and a HDD with other files, totalling a little over 2TB, and having checked that Nero is set up for Windows 10, LiveBackup will not let me switch the process on. There is a slide switch which should be capable of being moved from the off position to the on position. As soon as the drag is completed by mouse, the slide switch returns to the off position.

The PC originally was upgraded from HDD to SSD/HDD configuration earlier this year. The Windows 10 version is Pro and is regularly updated, most recently last month (October 2018). All drives are bitlocked except for the system drive.

The other features of Nero 12 have worked as expected since the upgrade and not apparently been adversely affected by the many updates to Windows 10. The LiveBackup worked last year before the upgrade but has not worked since.

From time to time, when trying to repeat the process successfully, a message appears, requiring me to confirm the Nero is to be allowed to make changes. This is always allowed.

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