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Nero 12 serial number license issue

Recently my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall windows 10 on new hard drive. I reinstall my nero 12 platinum with license key with no problem. now I try to use nero dvd video, its telling me my license key is used in multiple machine and need to upgrade. I only use nero 12 on same laptop that I had to reinstall windows few times. What do I need to do to reset my serial number? thanks
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  • Hello Mister Mxyztplk,
    To solve this, try sending an email to:

    together with the serial number details (39 characters long including the hyphens) explaining what has happened and request a serial number reset / activation.

    You can copy the serial number if you enter the Nero ControlCenter and go to the serial number area, right-click on the serial number to "copy" it so that you can paste it into the email.
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