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I’m frustrated

Nero 15 isn't allowing smooth video preview whilst editing

(This is getting really frustrating, I've tried so many different "solutions" recommended by many other people to me- not on this website though, so maybe you can help! :) )

I'm trying to edit some raw footage, and background rendering is already selected under the editing options (i've also tried without br , but that makes it worse haha xD).
After the footage has been imported, dragged to the timeline, and i've waited till 100% for background rendering to complete, the video preview seems alright.
However, as I edit or cut/trim the video, the video and audio goes out of sync so that it makes editing impossible to be sure of what it would look like if the video wasn't buffering.
As I edit, it keeps going back to the little notification that says background rendering, and it starts from 0%
Even a little trim or cut
If I don't let it continue to 100%, like I said, it just goes out of sync completely and the video buffers (however the audio is fine)
Soooo this is technically even worse than Windows Movie Maker. At least when I imported files into Movie Maker, and waited for the little green bar to meet 100%, I could edit however I wanted after that and I wouldn't see that little processing green bar under I saved the movie. But Nero is beginning to frustrate me :(

Maybe it's my computer, it's not the best, however I feel like as it meets the recommended requirements for running Nero 2015, it should work! Why not?
Please help :'(
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