I’m a bit frustrated.

Nero 15 Video Content Page Editing Niggle

I just purchased Nero 15 Video as an upgrade to the version in Nero 11, and there's one feature that's missing that I really found useful. When editing a video in the content window and setting chapters (I prefer to use that to chop up videos initially, rather than the timeline), I used to be able to put the cursor in the digits for the video time, and use the up and down cursor keys to advance 1 minute, 1 second and tenths too - this was very usable. I can still advance 10 minutes, 10 seconds etc using the keyboard Page-Up and -Down keys, but the cursor up/down now takes to the Nero menus. I have to use the little up and down icons to advance the time - this is not as usable as being able to use the up and down keys...(see the picture if it came through) Is this by design, or an oversight ? The pop-up help even says I can use the keyboard to jog the time... Anyway, I'd love to see it back... perhaps a preference setting ?
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