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Nero 16 and Nikon d750 incompatible?

I have a problem when I am importing media shot with a Nikon d750 to Nero 16 platinum. It will import video shot with this camera but not the jpg.

I discovered if I change media from jpg to png the media can be imported. But I really don't want to do this every time I burn a dvd.
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  • Hello Denise-

    In the back of my mind, I thought we had encountered that problem previously so I did a little search. Here's a reply from one or our other volunteers in regards to the same problem in another thread-

    Mister_M over 2 years ago
    Well, just tested it with a jpeg of my D7200 (normally I shoot in RAW). It seems that Nero Video doesn't like the EXIF information of the file. If you remove the EXIF tags, the picture can be imported without problems. To do so you can use the freeware EXIF Tag Remover (batch removal is possible) for example.

    Perhaps you will give that a try.
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