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I’m surprised and frustrated

Nero 18 Platinum don't offer a bigger BD size then 50GB to burn.

Nero 18 Platinum is prised as 4K software but a BD DL is too small for 4K/UHD. Now i get BD-R XL, 100GB but Nero don't recognize the disk inserted and don't offer me to burn on a XL media. Only 25 and 50 are available. ....????
I'v resized old movies to 4096x2304 and made the pic quality in few steps better (days of calculation!) and i wanna keep them like this on disk. The drive is a LG BH16NS40 with latest firmware, and is, like Nero 18, prised as able to read/burn 4K/UHD files up to 100GB. One BD-R XL cost more then 10€, and i wanna use them !
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