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I’m frustrated

Nero 2014 Media Home will not properly compile and display slide shows

I got my 'invitation' to purchase the new Nero 2015 Platinum. I have owned Nero Burning Rom since version 4 and the 2014 was horrible. The media center will not function properly. I have uninstalled everything and used IOBit to scrape 2014 off of my computer and reinstalled numerous times and still a lack of function. Is 2015 going to work properly? When will Nero offer a program to strip all traces of Nero from the registry as well as on the hard drive so that I can start with a clean install? Running Windows 7 Home Premium, i7 Intel chip, terabyte hard drive and a high-end video card. It ain't the system. Nero 12 Platinum worked perfectly. 2014 was a waste of money. I do not want to waste money on 2015 unless the bugs are handled.
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