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Nero 2014 Platinun UpDate and Cover Design Problems.

Hi! My system run Windows 10 and I'd install Nero 2014 Platinun. Today, after 1 year of instalation, the program ask to UpDate and instal Nero Cover Design. Than the system shows two problems:
1 - When run UpDate the alert is that I'm unconnect Internet or Firewall problems but is not true - I'm conected and Nero shows in Firewall liberated;
2 - When run Nero Cover Design, after 99% download and instaling the program shows the message that ins't installed because the plugin "AdvrCntr6.dll" was not found.
Please, help me to solve this.
Thanks a lot!
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  • Hi Mario-

    I suggest that you uninstall v14 from Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features.

    Go to, downloads, previous product downloads, Nero 14 versions. Download the v14 Platinum installer. Since v14 isn't Win 10 compatible, I suggest that you right click on the installation file and select Properties. In the Compatibilty tab, set the compatibility mode to Win 7. Apply the change. Also, checkmark the box to Run this program as administrator" an apply the change.

    Run the installation file. When done, there won't be any additional updates and the .dll file should be installed.

    Then download the latest version of CoverDesigner and install it. Do you get the same message?
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