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I’m frustrated

Nero 2016 Platinum dvd read being blocked by Nero Show Time 4 on Windows 10. Solution please!

Hi, I'm using Windows 10. Recently when inserting a dvd I was surprised to find I couldn't read the dvd and a Nero Show Time 4 flash screen appear stating that your trial had expired and among other ideas an upgrade to Nero 8 could be helpful. I upgraded to Nero 2016 Platinum and rebooted but still get stalled on the Nero Show Time 4 flash screen. Am I correct in assuming I need to uninstall Nero 8 Essentials which installed on my computer in order for Nero 2016 which is installed and also as a desktop icon to work? Any ability for a dvd to be read seems to be halted by this Nero 4 Showtime message which I assume doesn't work on Window 10 and all I should then need to do is click on Video Home or whatever to locate the DVD? Thanks
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