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I’m frustrated

Nero 2016 Recode asks to upgrade, but already using Platinum versiom


I have Nero 2016 Platinum and have been using it to encode High definition Video and Audio for quite a while. However, tonight it has suddenly asked that I upgrade to as it is unable to play HD Audio. However, it was able to do so previously without such an error.

I have Nero 2016 Platinum which I downloaded directly from the Nero website. I have this package Registration code added correctly to the Nero Control Centre. There are also the registration code from my 2 previous installations of Nero Platinum - 2015 and 2015, as well as my current Nero 2016 Platinum.)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled firstly, Nero Recorde by itself and then the whole Nero 2016 Platinum package. This did not work.

Any ideas how to solve thiis issue?
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