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Nero (2016) Video -created DVD's track 64 played out of order and then repeatedly "loops"

Hi -
My daughter gave me 72 cell phone videos to put onto a DVD, and (thanks to comments from other users) I was able to successfully rotate half of those since they were recorded sideways. (ugh) I was able to produce a DVD for my granddaughter to watch. Sort of ... but something very strange is happening.

When I play the DVD on regular DVD and/or Blu-Ray players, this is what I see, in sequence, with no interruption:

1. videos 1 through 63, inclusive (good news)
2. videos 65 through 72, inclusive (utto, it skipped the 64th video)
3. (finally?!) video 64 ... over ... and over ... and over ... endlessly, until I hit STOP

I re-shuffled the sequence of the videos twice, so that different videos would be in the 64th sequence position. I got the exact same results, as above!!

Is this a known bug? Has anyone out there hit this before?

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    Well, I guess it's known now! I wonder how many versions back this one goes?

    Anyway, you could join the 72 titles and add one chapter per video:

    Of course, if the individual videos need chapters this won't do.

    P.S. This doesn't bite if creating a Blu-ray!
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