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nero 2017 doesn't write on 52x cdr's. Do I need cdr which go max up to 48x

I use verbatim cdr with 52x speed. Nero only goes up to 48x speed and i can't burn anything. How do I solve the problem.
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  • Hello Harm,
    The CD manufacturers' claims about maximum possible write speeds are often "heroic". I find that I get better burn results by selecting an even slower speed. For Audio CD's, I find 8X burn speed settings in Nero to produce better results. Also, certain burners seem to "like" different CD manufacturers ... for example, I have problems with Verbatim CD's but far better success with TDK.

    Other people have the reverse situation.

    In any case, selecting a slower burn speed in the Nero burn options *should* give a good burn result. You don't need to have special CD's and don't need to burn at the theoretical maximum speed.
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