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I’m disgusted and sad to see you fail so miserably!

Nero 2017 Platinum Disk to Device worked fine for several Music CD's then suddenly reported You are not authorized to access this Folder.

Ran just fine for several jobs then suddenly could not process the last disk I needed to import! Suddenly I was not authorized to access my Music folder on my computer that I own on my paid copy of Windows with my paid licensed Nero software that just did the exact same thing with 11 audio CDs that I paid for 12 years ago.
Only two weeks since last update check but now needed to update the Disk to Device application. After running the update in Control Center I again tried to use it for the last Music CD and received another error stating Disk to Device is missing a module. Please reinstall.
1. Can i just re run the installation program or do I have to uninstall the broken application first?
2. Can I reinstall only the broken application Disk to Device or do I have to reinstall the entire Nero 2017 Platinum Suite?
3. I do not intend to install Windows 10 before all support for Windows 8.1 has ended which will be several more years and then only if Microsoft addresses the hundreds of security and privacy issues in Windows 10 or Microsoft pays me large amounts of money to dump Windows 8.1. Since these things will never happen I will not fall for the great Microsoft world takeover attempt that is Windows 10.
4. I am astonished at the audacity of Nero AG in not providing help or support for Nero 2017 on Windows 8.1 and even more angry that after I actually downloaded the Android App as instructed in the Windows Nero 2017 program and there is no mention of 2017 as your software led me to believe would be in the stupid Android Knowledge App.
5. I was a Beta Tester on Windows 10 for 13 months before it was released. I am very familiar with all the spying and secret information theft happening in Windows 10 and even more familiar with the flaws and weakness of Windows 10. It is not as reliable or secure or stable as Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7.

Why did Nero fall for the Microsoft extortion and jumped on the Windows 10 wagon before it was even a reliable platform?
I have been a loyal customer for many years. Nero 2017 Platinum was the 5th license I paid you good money for even though several of the upgrades provided little or no improvements that were of benefit to me. Do you really want me to abandon you after all these years and switch to another software company? You are not the only player in this game and absolutely can not claim to have the best or most stable software to do everything your software claims to do. Wake up!!!
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