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Nero 2018 - Licence conditions - transfer the product to the other laptop

Nero 2018 - Licence conditions - transfer the product to the other laptop:

Dear Mrs., dear Mr.,

I installed + complete updated and tested the Nero 2018 Platinum on my laptop - it ́s OK (no problem by me founded).
I will be buy Nero Platinum 2018 at the latest of June 2018.

When the older laptop (year of manufacture = 2014) will die - can I transfer original licence (box licence) to the newer laptop ?

How long are the company Nero AG going to release updates for Nero 2018 Platinum ?

Thank you very much for yours answers.

Kind regards

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  • Hello Call-man-

    It sounds like you installed the trial version. If you buy v2018 before you go to a new computer and use the serial number, then, when you're ready to go to the new computer, simply uninstall it from the old one and install on the new computer using the latest download from, downloads.

    Us volunteers don't know when they will stop updating v2018. For the last few versions, they've only updated once or twice before the next version. I'm guessing they will probably roll out the beta version of v2019 sometime next month. If things go normally, it won't be available for purchase until September/October so they could possibly update v2018 in the interim.
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