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Nero 2018 Video Gobbles Up Memory Loading

This issue was acknowledged by Ayudante ́17 (Employee) in topic Video project slow to load. Although the gobbling of over 1.6 GB of RAM was stated to be incorrect, no solution has been offered, no promise of fixing the issue, etc. Repeated requests for further comment have gone ignored. So, this new topic restricted to Nero 2018 since I've had no such problem with Nero 2016, 2017, and 2019.

I've made 2 new YouTube videos demonstrating the issue. The first shows the slow loading of a minimal project while Nero Video gobbles up RAM. I've speeded the video up by 5X, but the time scale shown in the video makes it clear that it take nearly 2 minutes:

The second video shows similar results if Nero Video is simply started without loading a project:

I suppose that I should point out that at least one other user has experienced the RAM gobbling in topic No sound & slow start Nero Video 2018

Also, shortly after Nero 2019 was released, I removed all versions of except Nero 2019 Platinum. I have recently reinstalled Nero 2017 and Nero 2018 while looking into some issue raised in this this forum. Then, later, I also reinstalled Nero 2016 Platinum.
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