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NERO BackItUp 4 - can we upgrade to retrieve files?

We have found our original external hard from 2010 which has Nero BackItUp4 software on it. The original back ups were done on an XP laptop. Does anyone know if it is possible to retrieve the back ups? Upgrading the Nero software perhaps? We have downloaded to software to our current laptop but the files won' open citing a RunTime error. The files for photos from our daughter's first year so we are keen to retrieve them now that we've found the hard drive! Any advise would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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  • Hello-

    Do you have the laptop from which the backups were done? If not, you won't have the job files that were created when the backup was done and BackItUp 4 won't be able to restore the files.

    There are two options:

    1. You can install BackItUp on your current system. Insert a CD in your optical drive. Open BackItUp and select Tools. Select Create Bootable Disc. Run it.

    Boot your system from the bootable disc. I don't know what system you have now. If it is a UEFI system, you will need to go into the MBR-BIOS and disable SecurBoot before booting from the disc.

    After booting from the disc, you can select Restore, browse to your files, and restore them.

    2. I don't know what kind of backup your did. It sounds like you did a file backup. In that case, you would have a number of .nba files. Change the name of the files to delete the .nba and add .zip. Open the .zip files in a good ZIP program. Extract them to a folder.
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