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Nero Backitup Image Tool won't fully boot


I burned the Nero_BackItUp12_ImageTool- to a CD.

I went into the UEFI Bios on my machine (Asus Z-87 Deluxe) and changed SecureBoot from "Windows UEFI Mode" to "Other", saved and rebooted.

I then booted off of the CD.

The progress bars display and keeps climbing until almost 90% of total and then stops. I have tried it several times but the menu never comes up.

I doublechecked the SecureBoot settings and they were still set to "Other".

I burned a second disc and the same issue occurred with it.

I have several NDA files that I would like to get the contents of but I cannot. I tried the rename of the extension from NDA to ZIP and no luck.

When I run Backitup in Windows 10, I receive the "Windows Task scheduler cannot be started.Please check if the Task Scheduler is active" error.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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