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I’m not frustrated, I'm about to explode!

Nero becomes deactivated. Other apps and OS also deactivated! Can't burn a disc anymore.


In December I purchased 2 times Windows 10 Pro licenses. Recently after restoring an image Windows has been deactivated. Very next day I decided to restore image again and Windows has been also deactivated for second time. Few hours later I noticed that also Nero 2015 Platinum and NewsBin Pro licences ware also deactivated!

In last 3-4 years I wrote for sure once per year to Nero Support with request so that I can reactivate my Nero edition. The fact is that I use Acronis True Image and many times Nero has been deactivated just after I have restored image of whole HDD. On year basis I restore image of my Windows installation for sure 3-4 times. However, I use Nero 2015 Platinum only on one pc because only one pc has Blu-ray burner. If Nero software use some kind of mechanism as Microsoft I'm assure that Nero can identify always the same pc (with same mainboard and hardware ID) and never other hardware.

This time I don't know the reason how comes that other apps also becomes deactivated. Microsoft have informed me that the product-key that I’ve purchased via Dutch website sims to be a product key for Windows 10 from MSDN! Sims crazy, but please take a look on next links.
As result of Windows deactivation meny options in the latest Windows version becomes gray so user is unable change many options. Liked or not I was forced to find a solution, reinstall and activate Windows again. Therefore I ask Nero support to remove previous Nero 2015 Platinum activations so that I can successfully re-activate Nero 2015 Platinum (or Nero Burning Rom) online . See casenr.: NERO-180116-0006. Thanks in advance.

Z. Ciklusevic
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  • There is a limit of 5 installations of a Nero product before the patents need to be reactivated. They will also need to be reactivated if you change the operating system without uninstalling the product first. To reactivate them, send an e-mail which contains your serial number to

    Hope this helps.
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    • I agree. Gratitude for reaction. So, it seems it's not hardware binded after all.
      But that doesn't justify not to specify a installation count before any Nero purchase. It must becomes mandatory.

      However, can't live without after 20 years of using it!
      What a headache every time. And as Windows 10 have so many build numbers as no any OS before, point me that person that doesn't have exepienced the same as me at least once. Problably it's comes because of Microsoft method of push-update-cyclus.
    • It is hardware bound sort of speak in that it thinks reinstalling Windows and Nero or upgrading Windows on a system and reinstalling Nero is a change of computers. That's because the serial number can only be used on one computer unless one uninstalls the product from the first computer. It's all in the EULA but I and probably no one else don't reads that before buying software.
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