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I’m perplexed

Nero blu ray burning greyed out at 1x for wh16ns40

I recently bought an LG WH16NS40 and since I had a copy of Nero 9 around, I decided to try burning with that. Burning worked but I appeared to be stuck at 1x with the option to change the speed greyed out.

Nero info tool and drivespeed both show the drive as capable of 12x (should be 16x but close enough) and if I bring up the built in windows burner (gag), it also offers to burn at 12x. So it's just Nero being funky for some reason. I'd like to know why.

If this is just a free-version restriction, no biggie, I was thinking of buying platinum anyway for the DVD authoring tools. I'd just like to know what the deal is so I don't throw away money on an upgrade that's going to not work right.
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