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Nero bluray plays sound without video.

TL:DR version: Nero blu-ray player does not show video, only sound.

I let nero update. When i went to play a blu-ray, i got an error telling me it could not play the blu-ray with a link to help me trouble shoot. This link brought me to a nero support page suggesting i make sure to have everything setup properly with my graphics card company with two links, one for amd and one for nvidia. The amd link brought me to a support page for setting up my 3d display. I don't have a 3d monitor nor do i have 3d media. so the nero support pages were useless.
I checked for video card driver updates. i have the latest amd drivers for my old HD 5700. I reinstalled nero 2014 platium. This allowed me to hear but not see the blu-ray. I updated nero which gave me the same result. I updated my graphics card to the latest drivers from amd which does not include support for my graphics card. Same results. reinstalled/upgraded nero. same result. Tried the last beta amd drives to suppose my card, no change. reinstalled/updated nero to double check, no change. Changed drivers back to last official release driver to support my card and reinstalled/updated nero. no change.

One thing I noticed when reinstalling/updating nero 2014 platium, is that there dont appear to be any updates for the blu-ray player.

I played the blu-ray in question on a laptop. no issues.

the system in question runs windows 7. Any thoughts on what to try next?
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