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I’m frustrated

Nero Burn Express 3

I just purchased Nero Burn Express 3 at Best Buy after struggling with whether to select Nero or Roxio... both $30.00. After loading Nero BEX3, I think I made a huge mistake. It appears that the legitimate serial number that I entered doesn't even allow me to seek out technical support. Also, when I look in the Nero ControlCenter, it says that my license is good for Nero Burn Express 2! What? I payed $30.00 for Nero Burn Express 3.

Thinking about taking a loss and going back for Roxio.
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  • What do you mean it won't let you seek out technical support? Burn Express versions were issue by something called Nero, Inc. in California (that's the only US office for Nero AG). However, I think you can use the regular means of contacting technical support.

    What you described isn't new but I didn't search for the appropriate thread to see what the resolution is.

    Go to, Support (bottom of the page). Select Contact, Technical Support. Click on the contact form. Does it accept your serial number when you enter it?
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