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nero burning rom

Hello I have home videos on a usb stick they are AVCHD files I'm trying to burn them to a 16x 4.7gb DVD+R using my newly purchased Nero 2017. But I'm having no luck after burning disc I try in my DVD player but I get a message NO DISC, OR MIXED MEDIA. please help.
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  • Hello Gavin-

    If you want to burn a video type disc which is playable in a standalone player, then you will need to author your video files into the appropriate disc structure (DVD-Video, AVCHD-DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) using Nero Video. You can also burn them from Nero Video.

    If for some reason you want to burn the structure (in the form of a folder created during the authoring process) to disc using Burning Rom instead of Nero Video, you would burn the project to your hard drive in Nero Video.
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