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Nero Burning Rom (1016) high CPU utilisation after shutting burning rom down


Hoping someone can help, I'm having an intermittent but annoying problem.

Since upgrading to Nero Burning Rom 2016 occasionally when I close the burning program it seems to stay active in task manager utilizing most of one CPU core (showing 16-25% total CPU usage).
I can't end the process via task manager and end up having to reboot the system to fix it, but it only happens occasionally, and only after I shut Nero down (it didn't happen with Nero 12, and not when burning).
I'm using Nero to write UDF BDR's.

The system is a Windows 10
Nero Burning Rom 2016 Platinum, specifically the Nero Burning Rom program rather than Media Home etc.
i7-4770 3.4ghz
Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
32gb Crucial ram
Curcial 240gb primary SSD
Seagate 2tb HDD
Seasonic G series 650watt PSU
Samsung External BD writer

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