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I’m fed up

Nero Burning ROM 2016 causing system chaos

Purchased and installed Nero Burning ROM 2016 and Video Downloader Ultimate about 2wks ago. Everything went downhill from there. The whole system was slow. Chrome refused to load. No .exe files would install. Only browser out of 4 that would work was IE. Several other software programs, previously working perfectly, refused to operate. Registry errors. Driver errors.
Took an expert 2 days to clean up the system, fix all the errors. No virus found. Uninstalled all browsers, all Nero products, and everything else that was affected in an attempt to narrow the source down. System up and running again, no more problems at all for several days.
Then I remember to reinstall Nero products. Within minutes, same issues reappear. Chrome crashes and will not start. No .exe files will install. Let's just say, Nero, you have cost me more money than you are worth!! Anyone else had any problems with this version?
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