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Nero Burning Rom won't install

I could not get Nero Burning Rom 2016 to accept the serial number when I purchased it. The trial has run out and it wouldn't let me even access the app. So I uninstalled it with the idea I would reinstall and try again. Now I am getting a popup window with ONLY 1158: in it. What in the world does this mean?
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  • Hello Susan-

    This was posted some time ago by a Nero employee-

    The error 1158 appears during the extraction of the installation file already,
    not during the actual installation process. This error can be caused by either an incomplete or damaged download of the installation file or by a compatibility problem.

    First, please redownload your Nero version again.
    Disconnect your internet connection and disable your antivirus software.
    Press right mouse tab onto the .exe file you downloaded.
    Select “Properties” in the context menu.
    Choose the “Compatibility” tab in order to change the “Compatibility Mode” to:
    “Windows XP SP3′′ if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista
    “Windows 7′′ if you are using Windows 7.
    Confirm your settings with “apply” and press “OK”
    Start the installation again.
    This should solve the problem!
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