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Nero MediaHome crashes every-time a new software is launched.

These are Nero MediaHome challenges I'm experiencing:
1] I launch Nero MediaHome twice instead of once.
2] Nero MediaHome crashes every-time any application or software is launched.
Kindly fix these, thanks.
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  • 7 months ago you had a question about sorting in NMH and you didn't respond to my last response so I assume it worked. You didn't mention any of these problems back then.

    Now you're having a different problem. What changed in that 7 months? Windows updates, different system, etc.

    I can open virtually any program while NMH is running and nothing happens to it. That's on two completely different systems. I'm not running Win 10 though, which is what I think you're running.

    What happens when it crashes? Error messages?

    If you go here-

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\KM

    do you have to launch the MediaHome.exe twice to make NMH open?
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