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Nero Mediahome crashes upon startup while indexing faces

When starting Nero MediaHome, the program opens up, but while it's indexing faces, it shuts down / crashes / disappears... I can't use NeroHome anymore, it always does this when starting. Please help...

1- I tried one avenue by deleting Nero and Nero_AG folders from AppData\Local, but to no end, it still crashes while indexing faces.
2- One solution would be to disable any face recognition/indexing function, but is it possible since I can't even access the software so as to modify such parameters ? Via the Windows registry maybe? Or does Nero uses some configuration file that I could modify manually? ... I'm clueless lol
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    YES, there's a solution, I found out how to make MediaHome work again, finally! :-) Via one supplemental manipulation, which has to be done right after deleting both Nero and Nero_AG folders. There's actually a little app. for indexing the files in a database outside of MediaHome and other Nero production applications, which is MediaBrowser (I didn't think of it sooner since I'm a newbie with the Nero Suite). So I gave it a try, recreating the database from MediaBrowser rather than MediaHome after deleting the folders, and it worked! MediaHome doesn't crash to desktop anymore and I'm a happy camper.
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