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I’m disappointed

Nero MediaHome (Platinum 2015) crashes when I try to change CD-Ripping Quality

I just upgraded to Platinum 2015. Installation (Win 7 Pro X64) seemed to go smoothly. Only installed Burning ROM and MediaHome.

I successfully ripped a CD Track after setting the CD-Ripping Quality to "Best Quality". However, the file was much bigger than I wanted. I wanted to do it again at, say, "Better Quality", but when I change it and click "OK", I get "Nero MediaHome has stopped Working", then "Nero MediaHome is restarting ...", and the change has not been made.

Between the time of the first rip and this "retry", I got a notice about an upgrade to MediaHome. I downloaded and installed it, rebooted, and tried to change Quality, without success.

Is there a fix short of uninstalling Nero 15 and reinstalling it?

Bob Schor
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