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Nero Music 2018

Since e-mailing you is not possable.......
what i am looking for is a music program that will alow me to import music from i tunes, groove etc and even music I acqiued by stripping the video. the progam will allow me to rename the song put in the artist etc. and thencopy it to a thumdrive so i can listen to it in my car, The program wold alos inform me of how mant songs are on the Thumb Drive and much space (or approx how many songs i can add until full). the program must also scan the TD to let me know if i have any duplicate songs. or duplicate songs.titles
NOTE: if I have duplicate songs.titles i have 3 choices IGNOR, DELETE or RENAME THE SONG..
if i want to burn any of my MP3’s to CD the program will convert from MP3 to other fomats And if I put a CD in my computer it will covert any format to MP3.
The bigest problem with TD is that the play alfabetically (in my wifes car, in mine i have the choice od randum play). So a program that will give the option of putting numbers or letters in front of the song title so it will play in the order I have chosen.
Can you create a music library / Thumb-Drive / CD Burner Program like this?
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  • Hello Keith-

    You can contact Customer Service before purchasing any Nero Product to find out which one will fulfill your needs.

    You can use Music Recorder to export/burn an Audio CD. Of course, it has limited capacity and the format used is PCM (which shouldn't be an issue).

    What you might need is Nero Express and also, Burning Rom, depending on the type of disc you want..

    In Nero Express, you can burn either an Audio CD or Jukebox CD. The Jukebox CD will let you burn a large number of mp3, wma or Nero AAC files to to disc. However, it may not be playable in your car player. I'll talk about another option later.

    When you create a one of those compilations in Nero Express or an Audio CD in Burning Rom, you can see the list of files in the compilation and manually delete the duplicates. You can also number the names so that they are sorted properly in an Audio CD. Note that unless your optical drive supports CD Text, you won't be able to see the names of the songs during playback in any player on an Audio CD. I don't think that's the case for a Jukebox CD or CD (ISO). I've never tried it.

    If a Jukebox CD doesn't play in your car player, you can use Burning Rom to create a CD (ISO) which seems to work for most people. This type of disc is like a Jukebox CD in regards to it's capacity. You can also use any format of audio files you want, unlike the Jukebox CD.

    Note that any files that you have to purchase might be copy protected and you won't be able to burn them in Nero.

    I'm up in the air as far as which product you should purchase. You can buy the standalone Burning Rom or Burn Express 3. The former won't burn a Jukebox CD and the latter won't burn a CD (ISO), in the event that's what you need. From a price standpoint, it would be best to purchase the Nero 2017 classic as a disc for $20 at It has both Nero Express and Burning Rom as well as Nero Video and Recode. The features in Nero Video aren't as rich as in the Platinum version for $34 at Amazon. I don't know if you need those capabilities.

    Hope this helps.
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