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Nero or Drive?

Good morning!

I've tried finding a similar issue to mine, maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet or I'm just blind but I apologize before hand if there is something is already out there on this.

I seem to be having an issue with my DVD drive, it was working fine before. Burned some files to a disc and all was good. Well today, I decided to back up some files to a disc. It was working fine all morning but when I opened Nero, all of a sudden it stopped working. It won't read discs at all now if there's one in it, but WILL if there's none in it, I'll get the insert a disc screen pop. (keep in mind, I used Nero last week to burn some files already.)

I've tried some basic things already:
- Closing out of Nero and tried to read a disc
- Restarting the laptop
- Checking for updates for the driver
- tested different types of CDs/DVDs (both empty and with stuff on them)
- Checked regedit to make sure the class was set to CDROM

At a loss here to why when I opened Nero, it decided to stop working.

Things I know for sure:
- The discs are good
- The drive is good
- The drivers are up to date

Any Ideas?
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